Uforia Chronicles & Contact Radio Interview Richard M. Dolan June 4th 2014
June 4th 2014, Woodbridge, Ontario Canada. At the Warrior Arts Academy.Uforia Chronicles & Contact Radio did a phenomenal Interview with Richard M. Dolan during his Toronto stop with the spectacular Modern Knowledge Tour 2014. Special thanks goes out to Christopher Russak & David Whitehead for making the interview possible. 
Richard Dolan is a historian, a tenured professor at the University of Rochester & has appeared on many t.v. and radio shows as well as being the host of his own radio show , the Richard Dolan Show. 
Richard wrote the bible for ufo research in so far as ufo sightings worldwide called UFO'S & THE NATIONAL SECURITY STATE VOL.1 & 2 and soon to be released VOL. 3 ! He wrote AD After Disclosure and Ufo's for the 21st Century Mind making him one of the best ufologists out there and one of the most researched. 
He is one of the best and coolest public speakers on the UFO topic making him highly sought after for public speaking engagements. 
We had a a great interview with Rich and we also touched on the personal side of what a mainstream ufologist goes through and copes with Richard offered up some very valuable advice for all ufologist out there. Bottom an amazing interview from the humanist side, very heartfelt. Uforia Chronicles and Contact Radio had great pleasure doing this interview. Richard M. Dolan is a gentleman and a world re known scholar in the topic of Ufology. 
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